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Patrick J. Osmer has been racing since 1995. He was born in 1992.

"My dad bought me a motorcycle when I was three and a half years old," said Patrick. "I had to start with training wheels first."

"I want to thank AMSOIL for all the support," said PJ. "All the people who see my bike with the AMSOIL stickers think it looks like Mike LaRocco's. I feel happy and very lucky that my bike looks like that. Some of my racing friends have started using AMSOIL Series 2000 2-Cycle Oil. I hope to continue sharing my racing career with AMSOIL."

2 Cycle Engine


California Dealer Jerry and Marion Kinyon’s commerical account customer Hans Rishell, a self employed heavy equipment operator, has a great story to share.

Jerry convinced Hans to try AMSOIL in his 1994 UD 1800 Nissan truck. During December of 1999, Hans was working at a job site 31 miles from his home. He would start each day by letting his truck run for a few minutes and then driving back to the job site. Upon returning to the site, Hans noticed a

group of people standing around a pool of oil in the parking lot. The group was speculating as to who had lost their oil. Hans said his truck was running fine and went to work.

Later that day Hans decided to check his oil because no one had identified the vehicle that was leaking. When he checked his dip stick it came out dry. He added 4 gallons of oil on the site, the exact amount needed for an average oil and filter change. Hans decided that the sump and filters must have been dry. Through a more thorough inspection, Hans found that his vehicle had a broken sending unit which failed to light his oil warning indicator. Hans retraced his drive and found that an oil trail could be seen for approximately 7 miles. When he returned to his home Hans found only several small spots of oil in his driveway. This lead him to conclude his vehicle had been out of oil for nearly 24 miles on the way home the previous night, and had warmed up and returned 31 miles to the job site that day without any oil in the sump! His expensive engine had been running normally all morning, so Hans had no reason to suspect he had lost all of his oil the night before.

“It would have cost Hans $9,000 to $12,000 to rebuild his engine," Jerry said. “He asked me if I believed AMSOIL saved his engine, and I told him yes, I believe it did!”

AMSOIL is the proud sponsor of Race Against Drugs, a program developed by American Motorsports to assist with drug education in America. Race Against Drugs travels nationwide to inform children about the dangers of drug abuse. Race Against Drugs appears at race tracks (NASCAR, CART, IRL, APBA and others), community events (schools, shopping malls, parades and drug prevention rallies), trade shows (PRI, Circle Track and SEMA) and conferences (International Association of Chiefs of Police, Executive Offices Weed & Seed and the National Prevention Network).

Scott Steger, the deputy director of the organizations writes:
“On behalf of all of us at Race Against Drugs, I would like to thank AMSOIL for the support. I am sure you are constantly complimented on the superiority of your products in racing, passenger and fleet use situations. In the past year, we at RAD have logged over 450,000 miles in our towing vehicles using your products to lubricate engines, transmissions, rear ends and more. Not one of our trucks has suffered down time due in part to your fine products and your willingness to assist with the program.

When we travel we are constantly asked about AMSOIL and why we choose to use your product instead of others. The answer is simple: superior quality, reliability, technical support, and your company’s commitment to preventing our young people from becoming involved in drug abuse.”

David A. Zgrabik of Cleveland, Ohio, owns a guide service and is also a tournament angler. His success depends on the reliability of his equipment. He says he has always used quality oils, but has never seen the performance and sheer benefits from other products like he has seen from the AMSOIL product lineup. “After starting to run AMSOIL Series 2000 2-Cycle Racing Oil, I noticed considerably less smoke at start-up, improved idling and more power,” David said. “I even have an unexplainable 200 rpm increase!” David’s tow vehicle is another important part of his business.

“I travel all over when I'm fishing and doing other promotional work,” David said. “After installing AMSOIL engine oil and an AMSOIL filter, I noticed a 10-15 degree temperature drop while the engine was operating. I was just amazed at how well it was working. There was also an increase in fuel mileage. There is no way I would do without my AMSOIL motor oil now!”

AMSOIL synthetics and Rex Shobe’s Oldsmobile are a winning combination. Rex is a Dealer in Kimberly, Idaho. He got into AMSOIL products mainly for his 1976 Oldsmobile drag racer. Rex put AMSOIL Series 2000 20W-50 in his 5-year old 485 horsepower 455 engine prior to a race in 1999. Rex’s car ran an elapsed time of 7.62 at 87 mph in the eighth mile and a 12.32 elapsed time at 107 mph on the quarter mile which earned him two wins. “After putting AMSOIL in the engine we found an oil pressure gain,” Rex said.

“Elapsed times picked up a little after several runs once the oil got worked in. ”Rex also uses AMSOIL Series 2000 racing grease in the U-joints and front wheel bearings. "I am still using the parts I had in the car 4 years ago when I started using the grease," Rex said. With the Series 2000 75W/90 Gear Lube, Rex is averaging 2 years per gear set. “After seeing what AMSOIL products have done for my race car,” Rex said, “I am starting to sell more of it and plan on selling the 2000 racing products at each track I go to.”

Hallegren Brothers Racing of Kewaunee, Wisconsin uses AMSOIL products to protect their off-road race truck from the punishment of racing. “Every year, the AMSOIL products in the truck perform flawlessly,” says Jeff Hallegren. “We punish this stuff hard. It’s the best preventative maintenance we can do.” Jeff uses AMSOIL Series 2000 20W-50 engine oil, transmission fluid, grease and 75W-90 Gear Lube. Jeff puts it this way, “Three years of competition. Three  years using AMSOIL. Three years without an engine, transmission or gear failure.” The team also counts on AMSOIL filters and filter oil.

“Nothing gets through this air filter except air.” Hallegren has reduced oil changes to once a season and rebuilding transmissions is a thing of the past. “AMSOIL saves us time, money and worry. The only thing we need to worry about is if the dipstick reads full!”

What’s that up in the sky? No not a bird, but it is a plane, and it is taking AMSOIL motor oil to new heights. Al Gaudiosi builds and pilots his own model airplanes which run off of AMSOIL motor oils. Al wrote in to AMSOIL and told us, “I have been using AMSOIL Two-Cycle oil in my model aircraft for a couple of years. I find my engines operate cooler and have a marked increase in RPM over other engines. My engines are also much cleaner and have no spark plug fouling. I’m even able to use a larger propeller to increase my vertical performance. I’m often asked by other modelers why my engines run so well. My answer is I owe it all to AMSOIL.”

Ron Hoke of Eaton Rapids, Michigan, builds model boats. His pride and joy, a fully modified 30 cc Homelite named “Good Vibrations,” is equipped with AMSOIL Series 2000 2-Cycle Racing Oil.

“I get no carbon deposits or scuffing on the cylinder wall,” Ron said. “I was using 50 to 1 mixed oil, but could never get the plugs to look light brown. With the Series 2000 oil, it stays the light brown color I was looking for and remains less sooty. Thanks for such a great product!”

AMSOIL is the Voter's Choice

No hanging or dimpled chads here. AMSOIL is the clear winner. This float was in the 2000 Bayfield, Wisconsin Apple Festival Parade.